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How to Unleash the Power Within | Wim Hof

Title: How to Unleash the Power Within | Wim Hof
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The cold. Merciless, but righteous. I use that force to tap into the deeper part of my self.

People think i like the cold too much. I don't like it at all, I like a warm hot place, I like palm trees. I respect the cold, very much, it is my teacher.

There is more between heaven and earth, but I couldn't find it. And after years I found myself in the park, Sunday morning, everybody still sleeping, and was, you know, pondering, once again, like always, because it doesn't stop, you know. The brain doesn't stop. If you really search for something and you haven't found it your brain just keeps on. You're into your mind.

So this Sunday morning I was walking through the park, and I just felt this attraction to this thin layer of ice on the water, the idea came up - I go into that water. I undressed myself, went into the water, I played a little bit with the ice, I didn't feel the cold whatsoever, I felt power. Power. Just internal power.

It had silenced me, and I came back everyday. At a certain moment, I began to become aware that I was breathing more deeper, deeper. And as deeper breathing brought about an oxygenation in my body, tingling and all kinds of sensations, I felt this is it, I found the shortcut. We tap into the deepest part of our brain, which is pure feeling and it's great. And it hasn't got anything to do with the cold.

After 30 years of mockery which I endured, it's belief. And now it's in American university books, it's all there. Endocrine systems, immune systems. The chapter, the Iceman.

Nobody can say what you do is craziness.

What is life about, what is the real essence of life. You cannot find it in the books. You are the book. You gotta open up and begin to read and be conscious of what you have inside.

Wim Hof

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